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Do you want to enjoy your Dirty Dave's at home? We would love for you to call us and place an order! No, we don't deliver but yes, we do have a drive-up window and we love that our customers use it often!

We also have a commitment to quality and serving our customers to our best ability and sometimes we just get too busy and have to put a pause on our phone to-go orders. It's not our favorite choice but, we do this for a few reasons. First, we recognize that we have pizza-making people, not pizza-making robots and the busier we get, the more we open ourselves to making mistakes. And, we don't want to make a mistake with your order and we don't think you want that either! Secondly, for our customers waiting in the dining room with hungry families, we want them to have a great dining experience and not wonder what is taking their food so long. Lastly, because sometimes we reach capacity. Capacity in our seating, capacity in our ovens, and capacity with our staff. We strive for you to have a great dining experience, have great food, and to be a great employer.

We apologize if you're craving a Jake or Gay 90's Special and we have to tell you we're not doing phone orders because we love feeding you and your family!



3939 Martin Way E

Olympia, WA

(360) 456-1560

Open Wed-Mon (Closed Tues)

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