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SPAGHETTI WITH MEAT SAUCE*                        $8.25                   $12.45

An old favorite smothered in our homemade meat sauce.

SPAGHETTI WITH CLAM SAUCE*                         8.25                          12.45

Tender pieces of clam in a garlic cream sauce.

SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS*                              8.25                         12.95

Mama mia! You never had it so good!

SPAGHETTI WITH MARINARA SAUCE*                     8.25                         12.45

Made with mushroom and fresh onion

LASAGNE*                                                                      8.25                         12.95

Homemade meat sauce layered with tender noodles, five cheeses,

seasoned with garlic and oregano, then baked to perfection.

VEGGIE LASAGNE*                                                      8.25                         12.95

Oven roasted mushroom, zucchini, broccoli, onion, and garlic, layered with
marinara, noodles, and five cheeses.

CHICKEN FETTUCCINI*                                                8.25                         12.95

Tender all–white chicken sautéed with fresh mushroom and onion,
then tossed with fettuccini noodles in a garlic cream sauce.

RAVIOLI*                                                                          8.25                         12.95

Tasty pasta pockets filled with seasoned beef, topped with

our own meat sauce.

ALL DAY COMBO SPECIAL                                                                           19.95

Your choice of 2 half orders of pasta, with 2 salads and 2 orders of

garlic bread.

FAMILY BOWL (Eat It Here) or BUCKET TO GO                                        25.95

Choose from delicious spaghetti with meat sauce or clam sauce or

marinara sauce.  Served family style with garlic bread.  Serves up

to four adults.   Add Mixed Green Salads:  $1.50 each

DELUXE FAMILY BOWL                                                                                  27.95



STEAMER CLAMS (almost always available)           16.45                          26.95

Fresh local manila clams, served with melted butter, salad, and
garlic bread. 

Whole order — 3 pounds;  Half order — 1 1/2 pounds.

SUPER NACHOS                                                           9.45                          10.95

Crisp tortilla chips layered with refried beans, taco meat,

black olive, mild green chiles, and melted cheddar cheese. 

Served with salsa and sour cream.



Ala Carte

GARLIC BREAD                                $1.45

CHEESE BREAD                               $1.65

MEATBALLS (2 with ladle of sauce)     $5.25

FRESH BAKED COOKIES                   $0.99

CUP OF SOUP                                 $3.75

BOWL OF SOUP                              $5.25

CUP OF CHILI                                  $3.75

BOWL OF CHILI                               $5.25

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