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Why Dirty?

Some people attribute the term to Dave's wonderful and rainbow colored sense of humor. (Why stop at blue?) Some people —usually disgruntled adversaries on the other side of the poker table— use it to explain his mysterious ability to win vast quantities of cash. Others trace it back to Dave's son, also sometimes known as Dave, who was just a babe when Big Dave bought the first pizza parlor back in 1962. Dave senior had to bring the little stinker into work sometimes. It was a diaper thing. Dave himself favors the story of adolescent adversary that he bested once on a school bus. The antagonist fought underhandedly, but even so Dave managed to win the furious flurry of fisticuffs. When the dust settled, somehow the moniker “Dirty” ended up sticking to Dave instead of his vicious and nefarious attacker.
Feel free to pick up any reason you want, but not until you've tasted the “Gay 90's Special” Pizza. Like bad means good and Slim Shady is Phat, in this case Dirty means indescribably delicious.


Pepperoni Pizza - Olympia, WA - Dirty Dave's Pizza Parlor
The signature pizza of Dirty Dave's- The Gay 90's Special-features an odd ingredient: Cashews. Whod-a-thunk-it? Some salt-deprived but extremely liquid-enhanced patron at the old Gay 90's bar that's who. They story goes like this. Back in the Redlands Gay 90's of yore, an individual somehow lost mental headway (even though he was reported to have three sheets to the wind at the time) while sampling each and every beverage the pump jockeys had to offer. In a burst of blabbering confusion, he came up with the inspired notion of adding a bag of cashews to a regular pizza that already had sausage, pepperoni and onions. The playful Dave was only too happy to let the poor shmuck wolf down whatever concoction would shut him up. The pizza in question was proffered. Dave and his employees stood in eager expectation. Lo and behold, the guy managed to keep it down. Not only that, he instantly moved from the latitudes of the belligerent possible 86's to a nice, happy Gay 90's. Dave was mystified. He took a bite of this magical pizza. The cashews actually were good. The crunchiness and salinity perfectly offset the slight sweetness of both the cooked onions and the special Gay 90's pizza sauce. A legend was born. You can still order that legend today-in regular, medium, or giant.

The Jake?

Once was a time you could only get one of Dave's famous sandwiches with a single meat. (They were called”grinders” back then by the way. Another story, another day.) When you ordered, the counter person put kitchen code on the order slip for the cook. “Heech” was a ham and cheese submarine. “Pep” was a pepperoni sub. “Sal” was, of course, a salami sandwich (and a really mean wise guy who used to come in and service the pinball machine). MB was a sloppy, wonderful, meatball sandwich, dripping with sauce and melted cheese. Occasionally, wags working at the counter would send back an order for a heech or a peech or a seech or a meech. They were soon fired. Even Dave's prodigious patience had its limits. One customers wasn't satisfied. He always wanted salami AND ham AND pepperoni. And he always ordered two sandwiches. And he came in everyday, Tuesday through Friday. The famous John Deyoung worked the counter in those days. His personal motto was “only the truly lazy are truly efficient.” John got sick and tired of writing “Heech+Pep+sal” everytime this guy came in. So one day he wrote “Jake” instead. Don't ask me why. Another of John's mottos was: “Never question genius .” And really, when you stop to think of it, does E=mc2 mean anything to the ordinary Joe like us? Nothing as tasty as the Jake, we guarantee you that.